London, the city where I live, is the third most popular tourist destination in the world with over 18 million people coming to visit in 2015 alone. Any Londoner can tell you about the tourists, the reams and reams of people who flood the city(and its public transport systems!), every year, but few take the […]

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The Rat Race

One day he sat on the train, thinking. His commute, being two hours long, afforded him this luxury. He often thought about his life. He should be happy: He had a good education, Oxbridge; a good job, finance; a large home, detached; a loving family, one son and two beautiful daughters, and yet something was […]

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“The Southern Wind is always slow”, they say, “slow to bring us warmth, slow to drive out the frost.” “He’s unreliable too”, another remarks, “never consistent in arriving, never the same strength, always hard to predict; stays too long one year, goes too quickly the next.” “If only he were like his brothers” they jeer, […]

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He sits and muses over her, his inspiration. She sees him not – not as he’d wish; but he sees her, immortalises her with words to last for years; words she will never read, words she never hears.   She goes about her business, gliding by with gossamer grace, Golden, bright, beautiful she passes; she […]

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