In Dreams

Day after day, monotony; identical events again and again, and we sit through this tedium daily. We’re born an empty vessel for ennui and our lives fill us up, slowly; drop by tiresome drop, all waking hours, a veritable Chinese water torture of life.   But in dreams we find release. Remembering things long lost, […]

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On Leaving

The image of them parting, I see from afar; The shuffled, awkward embrace that lingers, over what may have been. He whispers something she doesn’t quite catch, ‘Did she really hear that correctly?’ She asks him to repeat, heart fluttering, but his fears overcome him and he repeats something different, something positively bland, something nice; nice […]

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A name

A name – A name to last for years, etched into my mind, as a dedication in gleaming and pure Parian marble. An obelisk to your memory dominating the landscape of my thoughts; you hang over me like the Word; The Word that was there in the beginning, and will be there at the end; eternally part […]

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