Long summer days turn golden as autumn rolls through, leaves wither and fall as the golden landscape turns white with winter; Day by day, month by month, we drifted onwards, an inexorable path to adulthood, where we aimed to move on to bigger and better things -to change the world. Some naïve, adolescent hope that […]

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The dichotomy between the left and right brain and its impact on society.

Within translation studies and translation theory there sits a divide. The divide is between two schools of theorists about what translation theory should focus on. Or, more specifically, whether the approach to translation should be scientifically based or literary based. This question, often described as a matter of German scholarship versus Western, anglophone scholarship, has […]

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‘Love, Simon’ – A review

Love, Simon is a film about a gay man coming out, an important and delicate issue. It is a brave film considering that openly gay films are, still, shockingly rare. The film is about Simon, a final year high-school student whose life, aside from one big secret, is all wholly unremarkable. The secret, of course, is […]

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