The dichotomy between the left and right brain and its impact on society.

Within translation studies and translation theory there sits a divide. The divide is between two schools of theorists about what translation theory should focus on. Or, more specifically, whether the approach to translation should be scientifically based or literary based. This question, often described as a matter of German scholarship versus Western, anglophone scholarship, has […]

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China, the US and the West’s modern ‘Manifest Destiny’.

In Graham Allison’s 2017 book, Destined For War, the international relations professor offers his view on how to ensure that Sino-American competition on the world stage doesn’t end in war. Allison’s book is about Thucydides’ Trap: ‘When a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power’ the path to war is set. It comes from the famous  […]

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On Trump, and What Happens Next

So… it’s been a while. Lots has happened. President Trump, eh? Not what I would have chosen, but I respect you America, you’ve got balls. Electing someone with as much experience as I as president, and I haven’t finished secondary education yet! I do him a disservice and so do many in the wider media, […]

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Don’t stop now “Bernie Bros”!

Now that Hilary Clinton has secured the Democratic nominee and that the election battle is all but assured to be Clinton vs Trump, we must ask ourselves: “What happens next for all the Bernie Sander’s supporters?”. We ask this because, unlike the majority of ‘norm’ primary voters, Bernie’s voters are young. In fact the oldest […]

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