“The Southern Wind is always slow”, they say, “slow to bring us warmth, slow to drive out the frost.” “He’s unreliable too”, another remarks, “never consistent in arriving, never the same strength, always hard to predict; stays too long one year, goes too quickly the next.” “If only he were like his brothers” they jeer, […]

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Is English a Problem?

Recently Simon Kuper wrote an article in the Financial Times (which I can’t link properly because of a paywall) titled “The problem with English”. In the article he argued that, whereas in the 20th century when the English language was necessary for the expansion of an (Anglo-)American empire, nowadays English is a detriment to what […]

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Child Obesity in the UK

There is a problem within the UK; Obesity, especially in Children. Obesity is a well known problem in the West. This is due to our fat, salt and sugar filled diets. This is no more compounded in the fast food industry. Obesity can lead to Coronary Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure (Leading to heart attacks) […]

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